"(Fan throws chicken nugget on stage)
Ashton- “is this a chicken nugget?”
(Ashton eats the nugget)
Luke-“throw more! We’re hungry!”
(Everyone throws chicken nuggets)
Michael-” NUGGETS!”
Calum-” these are delicious…”"
- (via 5secondsofsummer-fanpage)
"I really like when fans stick up for us. If someone says something bad online all the fans are like wow screw you dude!"
- Michael Clifford on the fans sticking up for the band. (via mukegiggles)
"'My uncle is a drummer in a death-metal band, and my stepdad played drums in a punk-rock band,' Ashton tells People. 'I spent my childhood hanging out with drunk people at the pub on weekends. That probably explains why I'm a little weird.'"
- Ashton in People Magazine’s Special Edition - October 2014. (via fivesource)